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Philippine Economic Zone Authority

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PEZA Registration of ECOZONE Enterprise
a. Project feasibility study, basic data/information on its technical, financial, marketing and management capability/competence to undertake the proposed project or business.

b. Articles of incorporation and by-laws (Copy);

c. List of directors, principal officers, and major stockholders, including their bio-data; For the resolution of the applicant's board of directors authorizing the filing of the application;

d. List of machinery and equipment with a statement of their capacity, ownership and/or mode of procurement to be used by the applicant;

e. Company brochures and/or photographs of the product(s);

f. Depending upon the nature of the business other supporting documents/papers/clearances and the type of business organization of the applicant may be required by the PEZA.
Application Process

Qualification of Applicants
All applications shall be made upon forms prescribed by the PEZA duly accomplished in three (3) copies.
The applicant for an ECOZONE Enterprise shall submit the following documents.
Filing of Application
Board Action (Approval of the application shall be by resolution of the Board)
Certificate of Registration (shall be issued only upon the execution of the Registration Agreement by the PEZA)

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